Grooming – the word in itself sets up an impression in the mind of being well maintained. It surrounds within the idea of creating an impact on the other person, and yeah looks do matter. So, it’s all about how you manage to keep up with yourself and be presentable at the same time.

Generally people consider it an extra burden on their shoulders. To groom up daily and be well to do comes in handy more than we think of it. The prevailing idea is who cares about the minute details but friends it’s what makes an impression and after all the first idea we get about someone’s personality is how they carry themselves.

And the most common victims are the guys who think they can manage it one more day without trimming, and that’s how it all gets started. To know more grooming basics … Read More


To look over the general pointers which easily slip over one’s mind is that to look over the scalp. Over doing the shampoo, really damages the hair leaving them dry or rather lifeless. Just rinse it with the smooth massage using the fingers. This will nourish them and provide the essential shine.


Secondly, thinking that grooming the beard comes in handy is slightly over used as men usually forget to maintain the trimmed look and it goes over with the idea of leaving it to look rough. It will end up in split ends, yeah that happens with the beard hair too, so better be careful. All you need is a little oiling and a little bit of trimming here and there, it just gives the perfect look.


Next comes in picture the thought of manscaping. It simply carries the idea of getting rid of excessive body hair. Some men tend to have more hair than compared to the rest, so this needs a special attention. It not only brushes up the look but certainly idea and the health factor and it’s not a pretty sight and it appears a bit unpleasant. All you need is to get an electric trimmer to just erase off the excessive hair from the shoulders and the back.


What goes without saying is to trim off the nose and ear hair, you absolutely cannot miss this part. After all it can ruin all your efforts and all your inputs will turn out to be in vain. You just need a 5minute break from your timeline and slightly slice them off.


This is certainly the basis and probably the most basic of grooming tips. Get a shower daily. Sometimes we strike it off our list with the hint of killing the body odor in much to do perfumes and deodorants, but till how long can they keep going.


The most struggling and confusing part is getting the right product for your skin type. Every individual has a different skin type. Some have oily while others have dry skin and some others the sensitive one, which certainly needs an extra care. Men with dry skin should generally wash their face with the warm water and face wash and follow up with good moisturizer. Next is the oily one for which the most recommended is the cephalic cleanser. Last goes the sensitive skin which needs to be properly tested products according to the skin and what is suggested is to use the product carefully and rinse it off immediately if any sensation occurs.

How To Shave?– Salon like experience at home!!

Well, most of us have learnt the gentle guide to shave from our fathers during our formative years. Starting from lathering your face with a foam or gel and then leaving the bathroom with some cuts on the face because you don’t know how to use the blade in the right direction. Also, this can be one of the reasons that your beard comes back early and that too in rigid nature.

However, the time has now changed, and with it has changed shaving style.

There’s more to your shaving style than you think. Now you don’t have to rely on the normal products available in the local shops. You can surf online and can order men’s shaving products from one of the Canada’s best websites such as Victorious Shaving Co. We will deliver your royal products in the shortest time possible directly to your doorstep.

For some people, shaving is like a daily ritual, one who wakes up and gets ready to work to conquer the day. With the correct shaving products, plan and knowledge of how to groom yourself, your facial statement can easily decuple.

Prepare Yourself:

Before starting up the grooming session the first thing you have to do is prepare your skin properly for the wonderful shaving experience. It will really go a long way to maintain the longevity of nice and healthy skin. To begin with, first remove the daily moisturizers and driff off a flannel in lukewarm water and smoothly apply it to your face.

Follow this session with the shave cleanser. Take out a penny portion on to your palm and gently massage it on to all over your face. This will help to release the babylike hairs and will also unclog your pores by lifting away the dead skin cells for your razor. Don’t forget to rinse your face afterwards.

The Tools You Choose Are Everything

Next thing to do is to choose the right razor for you with a nice weight and feel. It must suit your skin and should also be substantial in your hand. Otherwise, this will lead to applying too much pressure on your face, which will ultimately damage your soft skin. To know about mistakes which you probably make…Read More

The shave is a Work of Art:

Once you have collected the best quality products your half stress is gone. Before starting the shaving process finish your pre-scrub, dab some lukewarm water on to areas you are going to shave. Then, you can easily go on to the next step of applying a small portion of shave cream on your face. All our products are naturally made and will not cause any negative sensation on to your skin.

Now, you can follow the next step by running the blade of your razor and start with the sides. Always use your free hand to slide your razor on your cheeks and don’t forget to rinse the blade after each pass. Remember to follow the same form around your entire face and never criss-cross your stroke as this can gives cuts on your face and can make your grooming session a blunder.

Sensitive areas such as your upper lip and chin need to done very gently. After finishing the session you should clean your face with cold water to close up the pores and don’t forget to apply a daily moisturizer to keep your face hydrated.

We are sure that this information will help you and can turn your grooming blunders into perfection – a salon like experience at home.

Grooming Basics For Your Skin

Like any other thing in life, a hefty grooming routine will not give the pleasing results until you use the right products and routine. We all are aware of the fact that nowadays we buy products only trusting their branding and packaging formula. We often forget that we must do its research properly and check whether it goes with our skin type or not.

It is important to have the correct foundations from the start and that’s why we at Victorious Shaving Co. are here to give you the right guidance. We’d let you know the appropriate grooming measures to be taken as per your skin type.

Let’s start with discussing different Kind Of Skin Types:
There are basically three kinds of skin types. Each skin type has different issues and needs a completely different treatment.

  • Oily Skin:
    It is the type of skin in which your skin will look little shinydue to the presence of oil, and easily gets prone to acne. This skin type people usually have big open pores quite visible on their face.
  • Normal Skin:
    Frankly speaking, this a just a myth of having a normal skin type. It is basically having more moisture balance on your face, which is correctly balanced skin between dry and oily.
  • Dry Skin:
    Dry skin will generally make your skin look and feel tighter. Such skin type people are prone to skin irritation during theirgrooming session.

Once you have recognized your skin type and it’s behaviour, you must not go through Daily Skin Care Regime as per your skin demands. A perfect skin is not achieved in a single day. It requires a daily skin care routine to be performed properly. All these steps are crucial for men as they have hair on their faces. Whether you have a clean shave, or a beard face, a solid skincare routine is required to be followed to maintain your charm.

  • Scrub:
    Scrubbing is an essential thing to keep your skin exfoliated. You may have heard or read articles on taking the right care of your skin by scrubbing it atleast once – twice a week. This step is not to be missed by ily skin people in any case. But genteness is very important to be kept in mind here. We highly recommend Victorious Shaving Co’s pre-shaving products for all skin types.They are organically made and will not give any negative reaction to your skin.This routine will not only help to release ingrown hairs but will also unblock pores and give you a smooth and clear skin.
  • Face Wash:
    We all know that our face is exposed to dirt, dust, harsh UV rays, and impurities from pollution in our daily routine. So, a good face wash is required to keep our face away from all these unhygienic factors. Using our all new Victorious Face Wash could be the right choice for you guys. It is 100% vegan free and organically made product. It helps to remove away the dust and prevents the impuritiesto enter your skin. Thereby making your skin feel fresh and soft throughout the day.
  • Moisturiser:
    Using Moisturiser in both winters as well as summers is an important regime that you can’t afford to miss. It is often seen that using moisturiser is likean afterthought to men. Usinga proper moisturiseras per your skin type is a need for every kind of skin whether it’s a male or female. A good moisturiser helps you to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Victorious Shaving Co products will keep your skin refreshing, as they are purely organic and help to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Well, we believe that keeping a skin healthy will keep your skin doctor away. We are a trusted men’s grooming products company in Canada.Make sure you introduce all these points in your daily routine. Buy these products today and see the magic happening on your skin.