Grooming – the word in itself sets up an impression in the mind of being well maintained. It surrounds within the idea of creating an impact on the other person, and yeah looks do matter. So, it’s all about how you manage to keep up with yourself and be presentable at the same time.

Generally people consider it an extra burden on their shoulders. To groom up daily and be well to do comes in handy more than we think of it. The prevailing idea is who cares about the minute details but friends it’s what makes an impression and after all the first idea we get about someone’s personality is how they carry themselves.

And the most common victims are the guys who think they can manage it one more day without trimming, and that’s how it all gets started. To know more grooming basics … Read More


To look over the general pointers which easily slip over one’s mind is that to look over the scalp. Over doing the shampoo, really damages the hair leaving them dry or rather lifeless. Just rinse it with the smooth massage using the fingers. This will nourish them and provide the essential shine.


Secondly, thinking that grooming the beard comes in handy is slightly over used as men usually forget to maintain the trimmed look and it goes over with the idea of leaving it to look rough. It will end up in split ends, yeah that happens with the beard hair too, so better be careful. All you need is a little oiling and a little bit of trimming here and there, it just gives the perfect look.


Next comes in picture the thought of manscaping. It simply carries the idea of getting rid of excessive body hair. Some men tend to have more hair than compared to the rest, so this needs a special attention. It not only brushes up the look but certainly idea and the health factor and it’s not a pretty sight and it appears a bit unpleasant. All you need is to get an electric trimmer to just erase off the excessive hair from the shoulders and the back.


What goes without saying is to trim off the nose and ear hair, you absolutely cannot miss this part. After all it can ruin all your efforts and all your inputs will turn out to be in vain. You just need a 5minute break from your timeline and slightly slice them off.


This is certainly the basis and probably the most basic of grooming tips. Get a shower daily. Sometimes we strike it off our list with the hint of killing the body odor in much to do perfumes and deodorants, but till how long can they keep going.


The most struggling and confusing part is getting the right product for your skin type. Every individual has a different skin type. Some have oily while others have dry skin and some others the sensitive one, which certainly needs an extra care. Men with dry skin should generally wash their face with the warm water and face wash and follow up with good moisturizer. Next is the oily one for which the most recommended is the cephalic cleanser. Last goes the sensitive skin which needs to be properly tested products according to the skin and what is suggested is to use the product carefully and rinse it off immediately if any sensation occurs.