Like any other thing in life, a hefty grooming routine will not give the pleasing results until you use the right products and routine. We all are aware of the fact that nowadays we buy products only trusting their branding and packaging formula. We often forget that we must do its research properly and check whether it goes with our skin type or not.

It is important to have the correct foundations from the start and that’s why we at Victorious Shaving Co. are here to give you the right guidance. We’d let you know the appropriate grooming measures to be taken as per your skin type.

Let’s start with discussing different Kind Of Skin Types:
There are basically three kinds of skin types. Each skin type has different issues and needs a completely different treatment.

  • Oily Skin:
    It is the type of skin in which your skin will look little shinydue to the presence of oil, and easily gets prone to acne. This skin type people usually have big open pores quite visible on their face.
  • Normal Skin:
    Frankly speaking, this a just a myth of having a normal skin type. It is basically having more moisture balance on your face, which is correctly balanced skin between dry and oily.
  • Dry Skin:
    Dry skin will generally make your skin look and feel tighter. Such skin type people are prone to skin irritation during theirgrooming session.

Once you have recognized your skin type and it’s behaviour, you must not go through Daily Skin Care Regime as per your skin demands. A perfect skin is not achieved in a single day. It requires a daily skin care routine to be performed properly. All these steps are crucial for men as they have hair on their faces. Whether you have a clean shave, or a beard face, a solid skincare routine is required to be followed to maintain your charm.

  • Scrub:
    Scrubbing is an essential thing to keep your skin exfoliated. You may have heard or read articles on taking the right care of your skin by scrubbing it atleast once – twice a week. This step is not to be missed by ily skin people in any case. But genteness is very important to be kept in mind here. We highly recommend Victorious Shaving Co’s pre-shaving products for all skin types.They are organically made and will not give any negative reaction to your skin.This routine will not only help to release ingrown hairs but will also unblock pores and give you a smooth and clear skin.
  • Face Wash:
    We all know that our face is exposed to dirt, dust, harsh UV rays, and impurities from pollution in our daily routine. So, a good face wash is required to keep our face away from all these unhygienic factors. Using our all new Victorious Face Wash could be the right choice for you guys. It is 100% vegan free and organically made product. It helps to remove away the dust and prevents the impuritiesto enter your skin. Thereby making your skin feel fresh and soft throughout the day.
  • Moisturiser:
    Using Moisturiser in both winters as well as summers is an important regime that you can’t afford to miss. It is often seen that using moisturiser is likean afterthought to men. Usinga proper moisturiseras per your skin type is a need for every kind of skin whether it’s a male or female. A good moisturiser helps you to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Victorious Shaving Co products will keep your skin refreshing, as they are purely organic and help to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Well, we believe that keeping a skin healthy will keep your skin doctor away. We are a trusted men’s grooming products company in Canada.Make sure you introduce all these points in your daily routine. Buy these products today and see the magic happening on your skin.

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