How To Shave?– Salon like experience at home!!

Well, most of us have learnt the gentle guide to shave from our fathers during our formative years. Starting from lathering your face with a foam or gel and then leaving the bathroom with some cuts on the face because you don’t know how to use the blade in the right direction. Also, this can be one of the reasons that your beard comes back early and that too in rigid nature.

However, the time has now changed, and with it has changed shaving style.

There’s more to your shaving style than you think. Now you don’t have to rely on the normal products available in the local shops. You can surf online and can order men’s shaving products from one of the Canada’s best websites such as Victorious Shaving Co. We will deliver your royal products in the shortest time possible directly to your doorstep.

For some people, shaving is like a daily ritual, one who wakes up and gets ready to work to conquer the day. With the correct shaving products, plan and knowledge of how to groom yourself, your facial statement can easily decuple.

Prepare Yourself:

Before starting up the grooming session the first thing you have to do is prepare your skin properly for the wonderful shaving experience. It will really go a long way to maintain the longevity of nice and healthy skin. To begin with, first remove the daily moisturizers and driff off a flannel in lukewarm water and smoothly apply it to your face.

Follow this session with the shave cleanser. Take out a penny portion on to your palm and gently massage it on to all over your face. This will help to release the babylike hairs and will also unclog your pores by lifting away the dead skin cells for your razor. Don’t forget to rinse your face afterwards.

The Tools You Choose Are Everything

Next thing to do is to choose the right razor for you with a nice weight and feel. It must suit your skin and should also be substantial in your hand. Otherwise, this will lead to applying too much pressure on your face, which will ultimately damage your soft skin. To know about mistakes which you probably make…Read More

The shave is a Work of Art:

Once you have collected the best quality products your half stress is gone. Before starting the shaving process finish your pre-scrub, dab some lukewarm water on to areas you are going to shave. Then, you can easily go on to the next step of applying a small portion of shave cream on your face. All our products are naturally made and will not cause any negative sensation on to your skin.

Now, you can follow the next step by running the blade of your razor and start with the sides. Always use your free hand to slide your razor on your cheeks and don’t forget to rinse the blade after each pass. Remember to follow the same form around your entire face and never criss-cross your stroke as this can gives cuts on your face and can make your grooming session a blunder.

Sensitive areas such as your upper lip and chin need to done very gently. After finishing the session you should clean your face with cold water to close up the pores and don’t forget to apply a daily moisturizer to keep your face hydrated.

We are sure that this information will help you and can turn your grooming blunders into perfection – a salon like experience at home.